Links to use for guide:

Pokémon Picross (JPN) QR code:


Sadly, I am unable to supply the files for if you want to change your console's region. You should be able to find what you need at this page. Thankfully, I have attached the PicHaxx AiO archive to this website. Before continuing, check if your console has custom firmware already installed by powering it off, pressing the power button again, and holding the select button directly after pressing the power button. However, if you hold the button and a configuration menu appears, start this process at the "Changing Regions" step.



This part will either be very difficult, or very easy.

First, I would recommend backing up the files on your SD card.

Now, we will prepare for installing B9S (boot9strap). The hardest part of this process for me is usually using the eShop. You will need to create an account, which should be easy on a US console, but was not easy for me on a JPN console. Once you have gone through the process of setting up an internet connection and have created a Nintendo Network ID, you will need to download Pokémon Picross. You will not need to open the game itself for now.

You can scan the QR code at the top of the page with the camera on the HOME Menu (L + R) if you are having trouble finding the game on a Japanese console.

At this point, I would recommend starting the process of retrieving your movable.sed file. This process will be done on the Bruteforce Movable site. Follow the instructions there, and come back here when that's done.

Once you have your movable.sed file, open the PicHaxx Save Tool. Use your movable.sed file in the input, and click "Build and Download."

You will eventually have a file titled 00000001.sav. Replace the 00000001.sav file in the Pokémon Picross title folder with the one you downloaded. Eject your SD card from your card reader, reinsert it into your console, and power on your console. Start Pokémon Picross and you should see the B9S installer. Follow the instructions there.



After the installer is finished, reboot your console while holding the start button. You should see the GodMode9 logo if you have placed the PicHaxx AiO contents on your SD card.

Power off the console, and put your SD card in your reader of choice. Put the region CTRTransfer file anywhere on your SD card, and eject it. Place the card back in your console, power it on, and hold start. Locate the CTRTransfer file, press A, and choose "CTRNAND options..." in the file menu. Next, choose "Transfer image to CTRNAND." It might take a bit of time. When it finishes, your console region should be your desired region.